Email especial

“For ride through the jungle, your rural and rustic setting was perfect and brought

us immediately close to the jungle and the horses.

Your horses were very well trained and very easy to ride and control.

I was particularly impressed by how easily you handled our group of 5 people of such mixed
riding experience.
Your deep and superior knowledge of the terrain made the whole ride extremely
interesting at every point as we went up hills, down valleys, into thick forest, scenic waterfalls,
marsh land, etc.
We enjoyed the great views of Parity and other features and your explanations about the
places, vegetation, peoples, etc of the area.

We got back to Cambridge yesterday and I am back to work today.
We will certainly come back to Paraty and your horses next time we are in Rio.

All the best,


Thank you Lee, for your message, you are special people. Raul Sampaio


One thought on “Email especial

  1. Lee Waddell

    Thank you very much for one of the best experiences that my girlfriend and me ever had. The value that you provided was incredible. It showed that you really enjoy what you do, and you took the time to sincerely offer the best experience possible for your clients. I would highly recommend you to anyone that is thinking about horseback riding in Paraty. As a matter of fact, I would recommend that it would be worth to trip to travel to Paraty just for the purpose of horseback riding with you and your horses. It was an amazing experience! Mari and I thank you very much, and look forward to seeing you again!!

    Lee and Mari



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